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AKADAMA’s recommendation “Giri-Can”!

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14. Japan has an original custom on Valentine’s day. The day is when women give chocolates to men to express their love.

In many other countries, I heard that men or women give flowers, cards and gifts,which are exchanged between lovers to each other.

This Japanese style of Valentine’s day originally started in 1936.A confectionery company Morozoff Ltd. in Kobe introduced this day, to put an advertisement on English news paper”The Japan Advertiser” as a sales promotion for chocolate.

And the other unique style of Japanese Valentine’s day started since some time or another. Women give chocolates to men without special feelings,which is called “Giri choco=obligation chocolate”. “Giri choco” is given to colleagues, boss and friends, who have no romance, but are daily involved. It is because women just express their gratitude or have expectations to receive gifts on”White day”(*)

But, sometimes the “Giri choco” goes too far, like women distribute chocolate all day long, and some companies forbid it in offices, because of decreasing office productivity or some other reasons. Valentine’s day brings some circumstances in Japan.

(*)“White Day” takes place on March 14th.Men are supposed to give return gifts to women who gifted them chocolates on Valentine’s Day, such as sweets or more.

In recent years, “giving chocolate to not only a male but also a female as a token of your appreciation”or “You should have luxury chocolates as a treat to yourself!” something something…. It seems a time of heightened business competition among confectioners.

Meanwhile, Nyapan doesn’t like sweets so much. I can not give chocolate that I do not eat usually… I wonder what I should give?

Then, I found a nice item”Giri-Can”, which is a luxury canned food.This can of Meidi-ya(a brand of food product) is focused on high quality for ingredients and the manufacturing process.There are some kinds of cans,such as

“premium corned beef” or ”trippa al pomodro; stewed tripe with tomato and olive”.Sounds delicious! and the price is from 400yen.

A message card”Giri=obligation= Can” is on the lid.And another message”Don’t be Can-chigai=don’t interpret it as special feeling!” is printed on the back of the card. It is a little funny and canned food’s expiration date is longer than chocolate.So that is not a burden to you when you receive it.

A friendship and a love continue longer than a romance!!

It is also good for treating yourself to the can with beer or wine.Why don’t you have it on Valentine's Day for yourself?


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