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Why do Japanese people bow so often?


You must have the impression that Japanese people bow whenever they do something or say something.It tends to be imitated or showed as a typical Japanese character in some situations like movies .This is true. Japanese people often bow , because it is one of the important manners and a ritual of greeting for Japanese.As it is, there are some different styles of bow. 
Let me show you how to bow properly.
1.First of all, make your posture straight and maintain eye contact with the person you bow to.
2.Place your hands at your side or join them low in front of your body.Then bend down from your waist, and be careful not to round your backat that time.
The three types of bows below are classified with different meanings depending on the depth of bending down, 
45 degree →さいけいれい/Saikeirei bow
(the most polite way at very an important situation)
30 degree→けいれい/Keirei bow
(polite greeting at a respectful situation)
15 degree→えしゃく/Eshaku bow
(casual greeting at a daily situation)
3.After bending down, keep the posture for a few seconds!
Japanese people value expressing your feelings with a bow,
and it puts into words feelings like "Thank you" 
" I'm happy to work with you" , in a more polite way.
But bending down too much goes too far! Don't become an odd person ! Meow

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