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Why do Japanese people

hate numbers 4 and 9


Do you have superstitious numbers in your country? Numbers 4 and 9 are disliked in Japan,because of their pronunciation. 4 is pronounced "shi", which is the same pronunciation as death. 9 is pronounced "ku",which is the same pronunciation as suffering or torture.Hotels, hospitals and pachinko (mixture of slot machines and pinball games*) don't use these numbers for rooms or floor numbers. 
What's more,13 is disliked in the same way as western countries. Because Friday the 13th reminds many Japanese of Jason,from the horror movies,it's just scary. I'm scared of it!
On the other hand, Japanese people's favorite number is 8.
This is because of the shape of its Kanji, which is the Japanese character.For eight,we write =「 八」. The two strokes are wider at the bottom, which is called "Sue hirogari". It means "becoming prosperous" , or "bringing good fortune in the future". That' why the number 8 is used as the lucky number.


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