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How to hold bowls(OWAN)?


Standard Japanese food,such as rice(gohan) and miso soup(miso shiru) 
are served in bowls for every person.To eat such Japanese food, 
you hold these bowls with one hand.
When Wan-kun came from overseas, this really surprised him!
And you also hold another small bowl to be served meat or vegetables individually.
Let me explain how to hold these bowls.


Let me explain how to hold these bowls.


1.First of all, place your hand(on the side you hold chopsticks) on the bowl.  With the opposite hand,put your fingers(from your index finger to your little finger) together.  
2.Support the base of the bowl with these fingers, pick the bowl up and  put your thumb on the rim of the bowl comfortably.  
3.When you eat rice, hold the bowl with one hand and use chopsticks to pick up a small potion of rice.  When you eat miso soup, the bowl should be brought to your mouth.  You can stir ingredients in miso soup with chopsticks. If you want to practice how to hold your bowl, to begin with , hold the bowl with both of your hands and then remove your chopstick hand.


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