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What do the lyrics of  the Japanese National Anthem mean?


We have a chance to listen to National Anthems of each country at sporting events,before playing games or in award ceremonies,such as soccer,baseball, figure skating and the Olympic games. Any national anthem sounds impressive. Athletes and also spectators listen to it with open ears or sing it together.It makes me realize again a patriotic spirit and I have a feeling of solemnity at the time.But honestly, I can’t understand what other countries anthems’ lyrics say…Then,I got a request “Tell me what the Japanese national anthem -Kimi ga yo-is about!” from Wan-kun. 
The basic lyrics of the Japanese national anthem,"Kimi ga Yo" came from the 10th-century(the early Heian period) anthology “Kokin wakashu(古金和集)as a poem.No one knows who wrote it.
But there was not a national anthem until Meiji period,where Japan started as a modern nation.On this occasion,the Meiji restoration and the opening of the country to the world,British people told for the necessity of a national anthem.A man who was a British military band instructor made to go with the above-mentioned poem, because its meaning “live long” sympathized with people.
The national anthem was just made in haste in1869(Meiji period 2).However, because it was made in such a hectic schedule, the melody didn’t quite match the lyrics.So,the music was recomposed in 1880(Meiji period 13) by an Imperial Court musician and was arranged by a German bandmaster. “Kimi ga yo"became the current Japanese national anthem officially in 1888. Actually, Japanese national anthem was born under the hybrid of circumstances!

君が代は/Kimi ga yo wa :Mature men and women continue over the ages
千代に八千代に/chiyo ni yachiyo ni:For thousands of years, If you are reborn
さざれ石の巌となりて/sazare ishi no iwao to narite:Unite and cooperate for mighty rocks shall grow
苔のむすまで/koke no musu made:connected with a strong tie and trust until the moss shall overgrow them all

In summary,this means everybody helps each other and builds a happy world that can take a thousands of years.This is where pebbles grow to big rocks and become covered with moss.
The Japanese national anthem expresses this kind of wish in the lyrics.






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