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Different greetings, Different cultures. Should you Hug & Kiss in Japan?

日本人にとってのHug & kissの習慣

Basically Japanese hardly have public physical contact with friends or family.In public,even though couples in love hold hands, they do not hug and kiss each other.Japanese don't have the custom of kissing on your cheek or hugging as a greeting.As for physical contact, there are situations to shake hands with people from different countries or in the case of business meetings between Japanese.Although hug or high five culture has been increasing among the young generation recently, because of the influence from world-renowned athletes; it's not general yet in practice.
If you are from countries where you have the custom to kiss and hug,you might feel a little unfamiliar in Japan. I understand, but it is only the cultural difference. So please don't worry about it.By the way, my owner(remember, I am a cat, Akadama Nyapan) kisses and hugs me a lot, meow! So, I assume that If you make close Japanese friends, they would accept your culture.(Off course,depending on situations and friends' personality)!

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