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Stroll through this museum to experience Japan’s unique architecture! “Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectu

Koganei Park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo which is 17times bigger than Tokyo Dome. The “Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural museum” is 1.7times bigger than Tokyo Dome located at the park. Here you can see 30 historical buildings of cultural value, which were constructed between the early part of the Edo period(1603~1867) and post-

World War II. You have the chance to experience an architectural theme park!

The massive building named “Kokaden” is the main entrance where the visitor center is located. Tourists from overseas have increased recently.

The museum is divided into three zones which are West, Center and East. You will wonder where you should start exploring first. The historical architecture remains a reproduction of cityscapes making you wonder about how their lifestyle was at the time. The buildings are a collection of houses, shops, and bathhouse which show uncompromising quality like that represent Japanese residence mixed with the Western style ; including the beautiful postmodern interior of Western style houses.It will make you dream of living in a house such beauty.“I’d like to live in this house!” “I’d rather live in that one!” In fact, one of the visitors reconstructed Mr. Kunio Maekawa’s residence after being impressed with its design. In the end, wonderful houses are actually able to create passion.

You might find the “East Zone” most exciting!

There are a Sento (bathhouse), Izakaya (traditional Japanese tavern) and shops along the street surrounded by Tokyo’s old town atmosphere. It's like you’re inside a movie! Actually you realize, some buildings inspired the anime film “Spirited Away” by the director, Hayao Miyazaki. The stationary store “Takei Sanshodo” was built in 1927, the early Showa period, which sold calligraphy goods. If you are a fan of Miyazaki, you’ll notice the store’s wall covered with drawers where the six-armed Kamaji worked!

Besides this, you can find the train which Chihiro and Kaonashi (No Face) traveled with and the restaurant where Chihiro’s parents became pigs. These scenes feel like you are in the movie.The mascot for “Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural museum” is designed by the director Hayao Miyazaki.A house of Georg de Leland in the West zone was a house of Mr. Mishima Kaiun who is a inventor of the famous beverage, Calpis. Now it became a

retro atmosphered cafe. Another house named “Kura” offers handmade Japanese Udon noodles and daily lunch specials. You can also bring your own food and enjoy the museum a whole day. Each building generally has volunteer guides and some speak English as well.

They guide you through important architectural styles or particular points to deepen your knowledge.This is the secret spot where you can enjoy the Japanese traditional architecture surrounded by refreshing greenery.The souvenir shop has a great selection.

Address: 3-7-1 Sakuracho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo (inside Koganei Park)

Opening hours: April~September: 9:30 AM~5:30PM October~March: 9:30 AM~4:30PM


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