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If you don't know Japanese language.

What should you do??


When I Nyapan don't understand the language abroad when I visit ;in some situations, I almost cry out ,"What should I do?? help me!".Feel like a total stranger in the world. Do you agree? My neighbor "Wan-kun" who just moved to Japan from overseas,complained to me "It's harder to make myself understood to Japanese in English than I expected" ."When I askedxsomething in English in town,some people hurried away" f^_^;
Ok. I will show you my ideas of how to deal with this situation
1)If you speak English , it might be better to use only basic words slowly,rather than to speak a whole sentence. This makes it easy to understand what you want to say for Japanese people. 
2)Or write the words on a piece of paper and show them. 
Because Japanese people have higher skill of reading than listening!
3)Body language and drawing illustrations are basic but the strongest way to communicate. If you are not an English speaker, why don't you try it .Carry a pencil and paper!
We must be able to communicate with these actions to each other in order to make the relationships among human beings! And more,there have been many kinds of translation apps recently.Using them effectively works really well sometimes.When you are in trouble, tell us a SOS please.


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