Akadama Assistant. Q&A

Hello there. I am a Japanese cat named Akadama Nyapan. I give some advice about Japanese rules, cultures,etc, to my neighbor "Wan-kun" who just moved to Japan from overseas.

Tokyo  Olympic
What  is Tatami about?
What is OMIKUJI?
What is Wasei Eigo?
Do you know SENBERO?
about blood types
Shrine or Temple?
Japanese National Anthem
Japanese toilets
Japanese people bow
A I U E O!
shoes off !?
your shoes off
How to enjoy SENTOU?
What is SENTOU?
Pocket tissues
Hug & Kiss in Japan
numbers 4 and 9
Why are ' even' numbers disliked
Are there taxis for foreign passenge
How to hold OWAN?

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