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“Senbero “is an abbreviation for ”Sen yen de Bero-bero” It means ”Sen yen=one thousand yen” and ”Bero-bero =be drunk”.In short,”Senbero” refers to a kind of local tavern or pub that you can get totally drunk at and also eat small snacks for around 1,000 yen.

To tell you the truth, I’ve chosen these kinds of folksy taverns by nature since. I didn’t know the word “Senbero”. Wherever I am or when I go to new places I always like this style.When I heard that word, I was really sympathized with it.

I exactly understand,when you go traveling, enjoying special menus in famous and long-established bars/restaurants or modern and fancy bars/restaurants in each region is a valuable experience. But, if you wander off a main street, have a look in a small alley. You can find classic taverns there. I think these taverns give you a good experience and you get to know an ordinary Japanese bar culture. 

The standard low-priced menus most taverns offer include many typical snacks,such as; “Motsu-nikomi=pork or beef innards stew”, “Yakitori=grilled chicken skewers” ,”Dashimaki-tamago=Japanese style rolled omelette” and Potato salad. And any other local menus, for example, grilled fish and Sashimi or sometimes Tempura and boiled vegetables are offered from each area all over Japan. Moreover, you can eat some western dishes like french fries. I’m so excited when I see a bunch of menus displayed on the wall,which is written by hand. On the other hand, it is somethings to find short+simple menus very simple in some taverns. In any case, most of the menus are low-priced.So you can order a variety of food and get drunk. There also are many kinds of alcohol, such as Beer, Highball(wishy with soda), Shochu(Japanese traditional liquor made from grains or vegetables) ,Japanese Sake and so on.





「とりあえず、ビール。あと、やきとりありますか?」なんて、片言でも日本語でオーダーしてみましょう。お店の人も絶対笑顔になるはず。全国どこに行っても安くておいしい飲み屋があるのは日本の自慢! 東京なら有楽町ガードした、外国人店長のいる「日の基」は入りやすいかも。ギネスビールもあり、外国人のお客さんがいつもいっぱいです。ただし、盛大に飲んで食べた場合は1000円の限りではありませんが(笑)それでも、お財布を気にせずベロベロに、おまけにお腹も満たされる。これが日本のせんべろ!

Most taverns don’t have large spaces and customers sit close together at counters or at tables.So, while you are drinking and eating next to strangers, after some drinks you may feel more confident and starting a chat with them naturally.There will be some Japanese people who talk to people from overseas very casually.Some people talk to you using open kinds of conversations, even in Japanese, like

”Where are you from,ladies?” or “ You should eat it.It’s definitely delicious!”“You are Ikemen(nice looking guy)!”…..Or there are many people who drink alone quietly. The way of enjoying the pub is up to you!

You might feel some hesitation to join the atmosphere, because of that deep locality.

But I want you to try it!From my experiences,when I went to a bar in Spain or  went to a pub in England, I was nervous.But once I jumped into the atmosphere, the language barrier was not a big deal! The experiences became fantastic memories for me.And why don’t you order in Japanese? “ とりあえずビールToriaezu beer(I'll just have a beer for now!)” and  “やきとりはありますか Yakitori wa arimasuka(Do you have Yakitori)?” Broken Japanese doesn’t matter! It makes staff there smile.

There are these kind of taverns that offer inexpensive and tasty food anywhere in Japan.This is one of the things to brag about in Japan!

If you visit Tokyo, I recommend under the train tracks at Yurakucho.”Hinomoto” is a typical Japanese tavern,but it is run by an Englishman. You can drink Guinness beer and meet many people from different countries. It is not hard to go for people who don’t know much about a Japanese tavern.

If you have big appetite or you are a heavy drinker,  the check is not for less than 1,000 ^^ Anyway. Nevertheless, it’s still a wallet-friendly place even if you get dunk and satisfy your appetite…This is Japanese”Senbero style”!

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