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Difficult ? Excellent? Japanese toilets


Public restrooms in Japan are superior. They're really clean and free. Excellent! There are two types of restrooms in Japan: Western style and Japanese style. Public restrooms are often equipped with both toilet styles, although some older facilities might have only Japanese style toilets.Wan-kun, who isn't used to Japanese style, is puzzled."Which direction should I face and how to sit?" I will answer him....You look toward the round-shaped hood and don't sit down. Squat down close to the front of the toilet. This is the proper way.
Won-kun is also amazed at the high-tech Western style toilet.
Recent Japanese hi-tech toilets are very advanced; when you enter a restroom stall,the lid raises and as you exit ,it closes automatically.
They also have heated seats, built-in showers and dryers for your behind. What's more, They are equipped with a deodorant function and flush automatically.Many japanese women's rooms have a device, which is called "Otohime". Japanese women feel shy about others hearing their business in the bathroom. When you press the button, "Otohime" makes sound of flushing water without the need for actual flushing, to hide any embarrassing sounds.I think this function came from unique Japanese mentality,loving cleanliness and disliking to be embarrassed in public.All toilet paper is water-soluble. So,you throw your paper in a toilet. you don't have to throw it in the garbage.Lastly; there are many kinds of buttons in a Japanese restroom, because of the meticulous service. So, if you press the wrong button, a security guard runs to you in a hurry. Be careful with the emergency! #japan #Manners

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