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What is SENTOU?


Sentou(銭湯) is a public bath house and also communal place. It is occasionally called ”Furoya “and “Yuya” as it used to be commonly referred to.If you are interested in Japanese animations you might see it in the animated film , ” Spirited away - Sen to Chihiro no Kmikakushi-” ,which shows that all of the Japanese Gods visit there from all over Japan in order to unwind from routine fatigue in the big bath together. It is said that the film” Spirited away” was inspired by Dogo Onsen located in Matsuyama city in Ehime Prefecture. The Dogo Onsen(*) is also a Sentou; public bath.
Today, having a bath in a Japanese residence is quite common.But a long time ago,almost every house didn’t have a bath at home and people went to the neighborhood Sentou.I, Nyapan, sometimes drop by Sentou when I really want to warmed bones on a cold day in winter, or when I sweat on a hot day in summer.A large bath in Sento is different from a small bath at home. It really helps refresh you and changes your mood to a relaxed . I love it ! I would like you, travelers from overseas, to experience this unique piece of Japanese culture. Even though you probably will be surprised and shocked by the nudity in public at first !
(*) Differences between Sentou and Onsen.
Onsen must be fed by a natural hot spring, while sento is not necessarily from a natural water source. Onsens are usually in more resort-style places and many of them have accommodations, while most of the sentos are in the local neighborhoods. #japan

現代の日本では自宅にお風呂があるのが当たり前ですが、昔はほとんどの家に風呂がなく、誰もが銭湯に通っていました。ニャパンも冬の寒い日に体の芯から温まりたい時や夏の暑い日に出先で汗をかいた時など、銭湯にふらりと立ち寄ることがあります。気分転換したい時にも広い湯船につかればリフレッシュできるから大好き。風呂上りビールも、申し訳ないうまさですよね! 海外からの旅行者にも、日本ならでは文化を味わえる銭湯を体験してほしいです。「裸のつきあい」に最初は驚くかもしれませんが。

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