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Looking white and soft. When you bake it, it smells crisp. It also goes well with a soup dish.Mochi もち is a traditional food in Japan. It is often translated as “Rice cake” in English. But it’s not truly a cake or snack.So what exactly is the Mochi?To say it one word: Sticky Steamed rice cake.


白くてふわふわだけど焼くと香ばしい。汁に入れてもよし、鍋の〆にもあり! それが”お餅” 。お餅は日本の伝統的な食べ物ですが、英語に訳すとたいがい“Rice cake”。「でも、実際はcakeでもsnackでもない!」とニャパンは思うのです。では、お餅とはなんなのか? わかりやすく英語で説明すると「Sticky Steamed rice cake.」が正解でしょうか。


Mochi is made of steamed glutinous Japanese rice which is steamed and pounded with a big wooden mallets into paste and mold into a shape. The texture is chewy and soft.The plain(basic) Mochi itself is tasteless like white rice.That’s why there are lots of different ways to enjoy eating it.



It is traditionally made during a ceremony and it is mostly eaten during the New Year holidays in Japan. Back in the early times, mochi was made as an offering to the gods.Mochi is considered to have a spirit itself. People believe that eating mochi will grant strength and good fortune. That’s why mochi has become a staple food during New Year festivities, or other special occasions. This tradition is still practiced today.Japan’s mochi tradition includes kagami-mochi, which is a New Year’s decoration. It’s made with two big mochi balls piled up, and is usually displayed at home until the mochi-breaking ceremony.(Jan.11th) After the breaking it, it’s eaten as a token of wellbeing.



Traditional mochi making requires a group of people. People used to make Mochi by themselves. Now,you can buy plain mochi and Kagami mochi in supermarkets. Mochi and Kagami-mochi for New Years are widely available from November until January, and come in different sizes and prices.



Mochi used to be valuable a long long time ago. So, only rich and noble people could eat it. But now, everyone can eat it!


 How to eat 

Baked mochi with soy sauce or sweet roasted soy flour.

Ozouni: eaten on New Years Day. It is similar to miso or soy sauce soup, but has mochi in it.

Daifuku: soft round mochi stuffed with a sweet filling, such as sweet red bean paste, cream and sometimes ice cream.

Dango: mochi on a stick with sauce poured over it.

And there are also a lot more types of Mochi!







Soft mochi can easily get stuck in your throat! Every year a few elderly people die from choking.

柔らかい餅は喉に詰まりやすい。 毎年、餅を詰まらせて亡くなるお年寄りがいるので注意!

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