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What if you can not get a lid off of a soup bowl !?


When you have Japanese soup, like miso soup, some soup bowls come with lids.Sometimes the lids of soup bowls are really difficult to remove.It's like it's locked! Even for Japanese people, these lids are really hard to remove.I will give you the key to removing the lid.
When you face this situation, remember this advice!
1. Press the rim of the bowl with your thumb and your index finger tightly.
2. Take hold the lid with your other hand and lift up it . Then, the lid usually cracks open .
Even if you can't get the lid off, press a bit harder with your fingers 
as you hold the lid and twist it slightly to get air into the bowl. It is effective.
3.After removing the lid, place the inner part of it facing up andput it on the right side of the bowl.



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