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How to enjoy SENTOU?


 understand, you might feel disgust and hesitate to take a bath with other naked people in public. Therefore Nyapan will give you the know-how about Sentou to back you up. Sentou is not only retaining the atmosphere of old Japan but also provide natural hot springs or electric baths , jacuzzi baths, etc…There are modern types of Sentou nowadays.The entrance fee is a bit different depending on the district, but basically it costs around 400yen.(the famous Dogo Onsen’s fee is from 410yen)You can purchase a towel for a few yen and in some Sentous,shampoo and body soap are even equipped free of charge. So, it’s no problem to go there with nothing on hand!
◉Then, let me explain how to use Sentou step by step.
•The bath is separated into areas for men and women. (some Sentou are separated at the entrance, some are separated inside the house)
•Take off your shoes at the entrance and put them in the shoe locker or the shoe cupboard.
• You pay the entrance fee at the reception or sometimes buy a ticket at a vending machine. 
•After paying the fee, enter the changing room, which are separated for men and women too. Take off all your clothes and put them in a basket provided. (there is a safety deposit locker, put your valuables in it)
•When you enter the Sentou’s room, you can see the place, to wash your body and the bathtubs. First of all, bring a wash basin and a stool, which are placed in next to the doorway, to the washing place and put them in front of a water tap. Sit down on the stool and wash your body before getting into the bath. This keeps the hot water clean,so that other people can take baths with a good feeling. This is a manner in a public bath in Japan.
•The bath tub is wider and deeper compared to Western countries.
Why don’t you soak up to your shoulders, and relax..It is like heaven~.
• Notice:Be sure not to put your towel in the bath. Wrapping it around your head or putting it on your head are OK. Some Sentous reject people with tattoos to enter. If you have one, you should ask the staff about it in advance. If your tattoo can be covered by a band-aid, it might not be a problem.
•Beautiful Japanese pictures are drawn on the wall in the Sentou’s room including Mt.Fuji.. While seeing them, feel cozy.If there are different kinds of bath tubs, I recommend you to try them all. 
Getting in and out bath again and again is fine, if you like.
Surrounded by chatting voices of regular customers in the local neighborhood can be nice background music!
•After taking a bath, wipe your body, dry your hair and wear your clothes… that’s all ! Most of Sentous sell cold drinks. Traditionally, Japanese people drink cold drinks after taking a bath,such as coffee-flavored milk or fruit-flavored milk,which are sold there..It’s Perfect!! #japan


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