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Pocket tissues are distributed in Japan. Should you take them?



When you visit Japan from overseas, you may be surprised to see someone distributing a little pack of pocket tissues to passers-by at train stations or on the streets.At times a beautiful smiling woman (sometimes a man) will hand you pocket tissues unexpectedly. I guess you might be puzzled and think「What do you mean?」「Is there a charge?」「Am I getting involved in something?」Please don't freak out . You can take them for free! The reason for free pocket tissues is that they are an advertisement.Some companies and stores use it as a tool for sales promotion.Variety of ads are printed on each package or advertisements are placed inside,which are relatively unique to see.Feel free to take them. They will become useful after all.

日本にきた海外のみなさんが、意外と驚くのが、駅や道端でさっと差し出されるポケットテッシュ。時にはきれいなお姉さんが、満面の笑顔で渡してくれますよね。「えっ、なにこれ?」「お金払うの?」「もらうと後で、嫌なことに巻き込まれる?!」と悩むかもしれません。でも、受け取って大丈夫です。もちろん、無料! それはお店や会社などが販促用ツールとして配っているもの。小さな広告が入っているので、眺めてみると面白いですよ。気軽に受け取っておけば、結構役に立ちます。

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