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Why Do Japanese people want to know about blood types?


“I am a typical blood type A”,”No kidding! I thought your blood type must be O!”…..Sounds strange? But it’s a common conversation in Japan. This is a kind of entertainment among Japanese people.But in fact, a number of people in the world don’t know their own blood type. I’ve heard many people from overseas are surprised when Japanese people often ask you what your blood type is.Most Japanese people know their blood type.Because a baby’s blood type used to be checked in a hospital at birth, or used to be checked by a blood test in elementary school.Blood types were checked in case you urgently needed to get a blood transfusion in Japan. But now, we know when you get even an urgent blood transfusion,you must take an examination before an operation.Therefore,now you don’t have to know your blood type in advance.Nevertheless,Japanese people want to ask you about your blood type,because it is a belief in Japan that blood type determines your personality.Japanese people love to guess your personality or compatibility by reading your blood type,like a horoscope! The study of blood types in Japan gained mass appeal with the publication of a book in the 1970s.It became really popular and got a lot of coverage in the media,such as magazines or TV. And many books about blood type reading have been published until now.
There are even some employers who ask about blood types at job interviews,saying”We are going to recruit only blood type B”.It is so-called”Blood type harassment”.This is because people are influenced by the belief that a characteristic of B is being creative.I understand,you probably think it's nonsense and wonder why this belief is strongly held in Japan,despite no scientific evidence.Many Japanese people like to think your character is linked to blood type, and this topic in Japan is a key question that we can sympathize with others.For example,when some people get together in a party or some other place.Since a horoscope has 12star signs,there is a low probability of finding a person who has the same star sign as you.But Blood type is only 4 patterns!There is a higher chance to meet people who have the same blood type.“My blood type is AB..””Wow! It’s rare.Actually..mine is same!”Just like that.It can be the beginning of an animated conversation with other people who are not so close,even shy Japanese.And the highlight is to talk about personal statistic data,which is related to characteristic with blood type from people who we’ve ever met.“Does he seem like B-type or he doesn’t ” It is strangely fun to judge about things,like a Zen dialogue between 2 questions.The wired topic”Blood type” gets people excited,whether there is a person who has the same opinion as you, or a person who has a different opinion.
◆The rough classification of general personality is…
Type A: strong on taking responsibility /methodical personality/sensitive
Type B: do things at your own pace/ individualist / impulsive
Type O: doesn’t care about small things /realistic/cooperative
Type AB: enthusiastic in studying/split [double] personality/mysterious

<The rate of Japanese blood type>
Type A:40%・O:30%・B:20%・AB:10%.My”Nyapan’s”blood type is A.I’m not sensitive at all though..
By the way,it is said that the blood type of Brazilians is 100% O.So, Wan-kun from overseas says”See? blood type reading is not a necessity!” But this topic is just fun to invite a conversation.How about joining it, if you are interested in this.




A型:真面目・几帳面・繊細 B型:自由・マイペース・気分屋
O型:おおらか・現実的・協調性 AB型:二重人格・研究熱心・ミステリアス
日本人の割合は、A型40% O型30% B型20% AB型10%。ちなみに、ニャパンは日本人で一番多いA型ですが、おおざっぱで繊細さのかけらもありません。ブラジルは100%O型だそうで、「だから血液型占いはいらんワン!」とワン君が吠えておりますが、ぜひ海外の方も日本に来た際には、この話題にお付き合いいただきたいにゃ。日本人とコミュニケーションを深めるツボかもしれませんよ。

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