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Good manners of taking your shoes off


I will show you the proper rules for when you must take your shoes off when visiting Japanese homes, Ryokan(Japanese style hotel) and restaurants.To put it simply, take your shoes off in the entrance(玄関Genkan), turn your body towards the door and squat down on the floor. Place your shoes tidily together and turn your shoes to point to the door. It is done.

Please see more details below.
1, When visiting someone’s home, after the host says “Please come in”, you should reply “Shitsurei shimasu” or “ Ojama shimasu”,which are common Japanese greetings.
2, Look toward the host and take your shoes off,and step up to the hallway.If you have a bag or a coat, put them in the corner of the hallway,and then take your shoes off.
3,Squat down and go your knees on the floor , then turn your shoes to point towards the door after you have removed them. At this time, squatting down diagonally, keeping your buck away from your host, is a very polite behavior.
4, If someone’s shoes aren’t placed properly, arranging them makes you an expert.
Keep in mind that it is never polite to face your back towards your host, when you are taking your shoes off. You should always be facing them directly.


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