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Oshibori manners?


What is Oshibori ?


Most of Japanese restaurants offer "Oshibori",which is a wet hand towel, as soon as you sit at a table, to clean your hands before the meal.Depending on the season,"Oshibori" temperature is changed.
An ice-cold wet towel is used in Summer, and a hot one in Winter. This custom is unique to Japan, because it has meaning, it's not only to clean your hands but also to show welcome and to give thoughtful service to customers.Paper Oshibori (in a thin plastic wrapping) have been increasing recently.
When you buy Onigiri(Rice ball) or sandwiches at a convenience store , most convenience stores give you a Paper Oshibori with those meals!


1.  When you are handed it in a restaurant ,use it as soon as possible. 
2.It is basically for cleaning your hands.  Pressing it gently on your face or neck is OK. But cleaning yourself  or wiping your face, neck, and mouth, seems inappropriate.   
3. It's more inappropriate if you wipe the dirt off the dinning table. If you spill something accidentally, please ask the waiter. 
Please feel refreshed  before the meal by using this original "Oshibori"  in Japan!

1. 手渡されたらすぐに使うこと。 

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