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Why are ' even' numbers disliked

for a gift of money in Japan

"Goshugi(ごしゅうぎ)" is a gift of money in a special envelope for someone at a celebratory occasion such as a wedding."Kouden(こうでん)" is a condolence gift of money in a special envelope for a funeral.
In those ceremonies, avoid giving even numbers of money like 2,4 ,etc as a courtesy in Japan.
The reason is because even numbers can be divided, and division reminds you of a split or break up.It is bad luck for those ceremonies. 
As for "Kouden(こうでん)", the bills should be old, not new.Offering a new bill at a funeral could give the appearance that the death was expected and you had time in advance to prepare “new” bills for the occasion.If you have no choice but to use a new bill, fold it in two and put it in an envelope.
On the other hand, you need new bills for "Goshugi(ごしゅうぎ)" to celebrate a wedding. You generally receive an invitation card a couple of 
months before the ceremony. New bills show your feeling as you have prepared new bills to celebrate the new life of the newlyweds.

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