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It takes about two minutes by train from Shibuya! Rediscovery Japan in”Komaba Todai mae”

”Komaba-Todai mae” station is on the Keio-Inokashira line.It is well-known as a huge space of “The university of Tokyo, Komabacampus”,which is spread out in front of the East Exit of the station. But I want to say ”How about getting off at West Exit?”. There is a recommended course to enjoy a walk where you can touch the traditional beauty of Japan.

At first, the place I’d like you to visit, is “Nihon Mingei kan(The Japanese folk

crafts museum)”. It is located about 7 minutes-walk from the West Exit of Komaba Todai mae station.This is the home of the“Mingei(folk crafts) movement”,which aimed to promote a concept of beauty,”mingei” ,and fit the beauty into everyday life. A philosopher Mr.Soetsu Yanagi was a leader of this, and it was founded in 1936.A wide variety of objects are displayed here, which had been collected through Soetsu Yangi's aesthetic eyes, such as ceramics,dyeing,woodworks,paintings and so on. I usually immerse myself in the present age when the daily items are mass-productions and just focused on functionality.So, I was overwhelmed like getting a blow on my brain to see the beautiful livingwears here.And my memories came back brightly, my parents used to like collecting full-bodied texture jars or plates when I was a child….After being overwhelmingly inspired by the beautiful retro modern designs, you should go a little way to a the next place”Komaba Park” for a cool-down.

Lush greenery in the park makes you not feel like being in Tokyo.You can also see beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring here.This park was the residence of Marquis Maeda Toshinari who was the domain lord of Kaga Hyakumagoku(present Ishikawa prefecture).There now remain a Wakan(Japanese style house) and Yokan(Western style house), where he lived.

The 1st floor of Wakan is open to the public for free(*Yokan is going to be closed

until Sep.2018,because of a construction for the conservation). The view of the Japanese landscape garden from the Engawa(Japanese veranda) reminds me of “Kenrokuen park; cultural property specification park” in Kanazawa,which is the home turf of the Maeda family.This is a place that you can see Japanese classical beauty in a calm spirit. There also is the museum of modern Japanese literature across from the Wakan in the park.You can see the variable collections of materials of major modern Japanese novelists, such as their manuscripts and you also buy rare picture postcards relating to the novelists as a nice present.

I also recommend you visit “Bundan cafe” in the museum.You can enjoy themenus,which are named after the novelists or their novels. I can’t make up my mind whether the coffee named ”AKUTAGAWA” or ”TERAYAMA” is better ^^ I assure you that taking a break in a open deck on a sunny day must feel good.

After taking a break, let’s go to one last place!

You go through the The university of Tokyo campus, and get to another park,

which is called”Komabano park”.This park was developed using the former land of Tokyo University of Education,the department of agriculture, and the area has 2.8 ha. There are many kinds of prefectural woods planted from all over Japan, like groves from north part in Japan and Kanto(east part) and Kansai(west part) and south part.The park also has a fruit garden, trees of Sarusuberi(crape myrtle) and more, 21 kinds of cherry blossoms! You can watch wild birds a lot here.

What’s more, a rice paddy remains as a trace of the school of agriculture.

This place full of nature makes you feel relaxed and takes you away being in the

urban city of Tokyo.

If you have 3hours, it’s enough to enjoy this short trip.If you buy a lunch box at a convenience store and take a relaxing walk, You’ll be able to discover the different perspective of Tokyo,Japan. Akadama Japan recommends this to you!

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