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Yebisu beer “petite luxury” tour

The second round of AKADAMA’s brewery tour ! We visited Yebisu beer factory in Ebisu in Tokyo this time. The district and the station of “Ebisu" is unique because it was actually named after the “Yebius" beer. The melody(*) of the Ebisu JR train jingle is well-known in Japan, used in a Ebisu beer’s TV Commercial. Every time I hear that sound I want to drink a beer as a conditioned reflex action!(* the melody is from an old famous movie”The Third Man”theme song) We headed for “Museum of Yebisu Beer” in Yebisu Garden Place. It is located about 5 minutes from Ebisu station,east exit on foot via Ebisu Skywalk(moving walkway).If there is space available for your group, you can join the tour last minute on the day, but making a reservation in advance is better.You can take a tour of the brewing history and drink 2 glasses of beer for 500yen.

The museum lounge has a relaxed atmosphere, like a kind of a luxury hotel.We were guided by a “brand communicater (Yebisu expert)” ,and looked around the gallery of Yebisu beer. You can see a lot of valuable exhibits related to the 140years history of the Yebisu beer factory there. We learned about the the historical background of Yebisu beer , and also learned about what is particular about the brewery.At the end of the tour, we moved to a tasting room♪ While we were learning about how pouring beer is important, because the taste

becomes better and you can enjoy by all five senses…and guzzled down

beer. What an electrifying taste! The tour takes about 40 minutes, including tasting.The brand communicater greeted us at the end. She said“Yebisu beer will continue improving to make your Kanpai(*) more tasty!” I was moved by that statement There is a museum shop, which has many fashionable items there . You can also enjoy shopping.

And we left Ebisu town with the humming of ”The Third Man” theme and needless to say,we went to a night in town for another beer…Ebisu is easy to access by public transport in the center of Tokyo and you can enjoy it for a short time. Why don’t you go there on your way to strolling in town or dating? (*Kanpai=a tradition of saying special word when toasting in Japan,like cheers in English.)

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