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The secret of the deliciousness of Ichiban shibori?

It’s located 10 minutes by taxi from Nakano-sakae Station using the JR Senseiki line from Sendai station. Or you can use the service shuttle bus from Tagajo station for free. If there is space available for your group, you can join the tour last minute on the day, but I recommend you make a reservation in advance.

When we visited there,it was during Golden Week (busiest spring holiday season) and because of that many people,including non-Japanese people ,joined the tour. While we were walking through the clean and spacious factory, we learned about how to make the beer and what was special to Kirin Ichiban shibori’s

high quality.The tour takes 50minutes. The tour guide,who is a kind lady, guides and explains it all in easy to understand detail. And the tour guide answers any of your questions! We asked where the name of ’Kirin’ comes from. According to what we heard, the name originally comes from the period

when featuring animals as name for

beer was popular. Japan Brewery Company—the forerunner of Kirin Brewery— sold a beer named after an animal “kirin". It refers to a giraffe(Kirin/キリン), or the mythological Chinese dragon(麒麟).Kirin Brewery is named after the latter. After the tour,our favorite time came .You get to try freshly made beer! You can have 3 glasses of beer(or soft drinks) within 20 minutes. It is a bit hectic, but you can try a fresh type or the rare one,before buying in the market or you can choose the other kinds of beer.The wonderful thing is that this tour is all free of charge!! If you are a beer lover, don’t miss the chance! You should be there. Our, AKADAMA’s, love for beer has deepened more.

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