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It's worth seeing! The Sapporo Snow Festival.

The 68th Sapporo Snow Festival is held from Feb.6~ Feb.12.

The Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the biggest major winter event in Japan.The first festival was held in Odori park in 1950,with only 6 statues.It has been becoming more and more famous year by year,and now, a number of people visit The Snow Festival from Japan and abroad. There are 3 different locations for the festival in Sapporo,which is Tsudome,Susukino and Odori. Among these,Odori is the most popular place, be...cause of its history and the location. You can see many sculptures from small snow statues to huge snow statues and ice statues in many places.The game character of FF is outstanding this year.

You can also enjoy many local foods,such as Ramen,crab, corn and more.Sapporo is so crowded and busy during this festival,but you can find special and unique things here in Sapporo! EndFragment


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