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“Sailor Moon”inspired the Chinese girl to visit Japan

Nyapan has an interview with a real-life Wan-kun who is from overseas living in Japan.

Akadama FAN(Friend’s Actual Note)

Episode 2 ~Nagi-san(Liu-Rong Chen) from China~

◆What brought you to Japan?

When I was a child, I was glued to watch a Japanese animation “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon(Bishojo senshi Sailor Moon)” on TV. In China, women were thought of as having a weak existence, and needed a man’s protection. But the heroines on the anime acted how they wanted to and never ran from a fight. I was fascinated by the way of their strong and powerful life. They were brave and also super cute! Since then, I got into other Japanese animations and games, which gave me a strong determination to visit Japan someday.

After graduating from university, my parents, who opposed my dream of studying in Japan, gave me a condition I could only go if I passed the examination of “Japanese-Language proficiency test”. I did it! and I finally came to Tokyo last April.Now, I am studying in a school of voice acting and preparing for an entrance examination for a graduate school in a Japanese university at the same time.

◆What did you think when you actually came to Japan?

There was not a big difference from what I expected.Because I had learned a lot about Japan since 20years ago in order to come to Japan. I live in a share house with Chinese people now, so I don’t get homesick. And I made some friends who are from some different countries at an international party. As for Japanese food, I like Sushi and also French food,which are sensitive tastes rather than what I ate in China. I’ve recently had a lot of interest in Japanese traditional cultures ”能Noh(Japanese art theatre)” and “落語Rakugo(Japanese comic storytelling) . The expressions unique to Japan are really interesting. They inspire me.

◆What is your impression of Japanese people?

まじめSerious and honest! For example, when I forgot to receive a receipt while shopping,the store clerk ran after me and handed it saying”I am sorry”. Besides, when I had dinner in a restaurant, the staff spilled sauce on my clothing just a little bit, then the person in charge came to apologize to me and my meal fee became free of charge. This might be a rare case, but I think the consideration of Japanese people is awesome.If I have a thing that I wonder a bit about, it is Japanese people tend to be vague.I was asked out by a Japanese boy the other day, but he just said the nuance of wishing to be together or something. I didn’t know exactly what he wanted, whether he wanted to date with me or not. That’s why I couldn’t turn him down clearly…I just told him ”We need distance for a while”.After that happened,we couldn’t go back to even being friends anymore.It was disappointing.

◆What do Chinese people think about Japan?

Animations and Games come to mind first for my generation. And there are many Japanese companies in my hometown of Dalian in China.Many people work there and also many people have experiences of studying in Japan. I guess it is one of the most pro-Japan regions in China.In Dalian,コミケKomiket=Japanese style of Comic/Manga market events have been held.A club in a university I belonged to, joined there as a guest. I like cosplay(dress in costume as a comic character) too.As for games, “Monster Hunter” or “Gyakuten-saiban” which are created by the company,CAPCOM are popular.

◆Are there any surprises in Japan?

I often see a boyfriend getting a seat on a train but a girlfriend standing in front of him.I was surprised to see that because it’s the opposite in China.Men stand and women sit in a seat. And another difference is that the day of “Tanabata=Star festival” is important for a couple in China. Men give presents to women and spend time together. I imagine that the day is for a family in Japan. Valentine's Day is also the opposite custom to Japan,

men give presents to women. (*in Japan; women give chocolate to men on Valentine's Day)

◆Could you tell us about your dream in the future?

There are few schools for training voice actors in China now. After I will graduate from graduate school, I want to establish a business in China to develop voice actors resource for animations by making use of the know-how,which I am learning in Japan. In order to do that, I’ve been studying about that in a special school because I need real experiences as a voice actor.I’m going to take auditions actively.I did a Chinese announcement in a sightseeing bus, but I guess I am better at “MOE” animation character, which is a cute girl ^^ The Chinese animation studios are expanding to Japan and creating bilingual animations in Chinese and Japanese. I think I can get a chance to be involved in the scene.The most important thing for me now is to enter a graduate school. I’m going to study hard to become a multi-creator!

<Nyapan’s Note>

It has been about eight months since she came to Japan. She both looks beautiful and is clever, having a first grade of “Japanese-Language proficiency test”.And Nyapan was so glad to know how she loves Japan.

She is going to study media design in a graduate school. She’s stayed up all night studying these days to prepare for the examination to achieve her dream. She looks like a young girl these days, but she has a solid vision for the future and is earnest.Follow your dream! You can do it , real Wan-san!


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