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The introduction of learning Kabuki through a rare experience at“Kabuki-za Gallery”

Kabuki-za theatre,located between Ginza and Tsukiji, is a sacred place of Japan’s traditional art theater and is regarded as one of the world’s greatest theatrical art. It is always bustling with tourists who take pictures in front of the Kabuki-za theatre.It is a place like”Theatre National de l'Opera de Paris” in Japan.If you are interested in it,but you are hesitant to go there for some reasons,like “I don’t have enough time to see the performance” “” I can’t afford it” or “Traditional art is awkward to appriate”….That’s a waste and you are missing out! I suggest you stop by”Kabuki-za Gallery”.

You can choose an admission fee (for an adult) from 600yen or 1,500yen. 1,500yen admission includes the audio guide earphone (Japanese only) and you can take a peek of the actual Kabuki performance for three minutes from a certain standing room.

After you buy the ticket, you are escorted by a clerk.You step down the bright red colored stairs,which are called“Goemon-Kaidan” and head for the room to see the performance.On the way there,

you can see the

impressive roof of the Kabuki-za theatre using Japanese roofing tiles beside the stairs.The eaves tile depict a Chinese phoenix, which is a symbol of

Kabuki-za theatre.And there is only one phoenix looking in the opposite

direction to other ones.A clerk said,If you find the one, you should be happy!

I desperately looked for it! In Japanese culture, it’s important that one phoenix would look in the other direction,as without this, the complete perfection would bring bad luck.One is looking the opposite way on purpose.

I think thinking that way is a beautiful philosophy,which is special to Japan.

I finally got to take a peek of a real Kabuki performance in the viewing room. Even though the room has a glass and small, the Kabuki actor’s voice resounded clearly.

The professional performances made a full impact on me! Seeing it for three

minutes is too short, but I was very excited.

Then I went back to Kabuki-za Gallery on the fifth floor.The concept of the

gallery is “learn”,”see”,”touch” and “try”.The galley shows classic stage sets,funny props and gorgeous stage

costumes.You can take photos of the display items,except for in a movie

showing and experience using those items.I tried rowing a boat,riding Kago(kind of a cage,very old type of vehicle) and walking on the stage!

I was so busy taking photos. I didn’t have time to listen to the earphone guide. I also played real Kabuki sound

effects,such as the roar of a wave, the sound of a frog and the sound of a boat. It is an amazing trick to make those sounds. The idea of everything is just wisdom,which has been inherited and passed down since the long time ago.Kabuki,has a long history,shows you gorgeous costumes,

Kumadori(original makeup) and the reason to be Kuroko(wearing all black costume and support behind the scenes) on a stage…I again discovered that Kabuki is the one and only of Japanese culture. If you experience the theme park,you could feel as if you are a Kabuki actor!You can really enjoy it by an actual experience if you don’t understand Japanese language.

English guide tour is held on certain days. I recommend you check it

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