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The eating Power Spot! 〜What is Ise-udon?~

I used to believe “ Udon noodles must be firm and should be a typical chewing texture”.But Ise-udon is a different types of regular Udon..? Then,I tried to eat ”Ise-udon”.That blew me away at once. Great! Ise-udon is a Japanese noodle, which has been eaten for more than 400years around the Ise city in Mie prefecture, where Ise-shrine is located. The special features of Ise-udon,noodles are thicker and softer, and eaten with mixed sweet soy sauce and fish soup stock,which is made of dried bonito, dried young sardine and kelp,together. At very first sight, I just thought ”Noodles don’t have firmness? no regular Udon soup?and topping is only green onions…” But,my first thought was wrong. “White Udon” in a bowl and “Black sauce”refer to the sacred colors for Ise-shrine. They are the origins of every color and the perfection of all natures.As soon as I had a bite of it, I felt the essential power from a simple Udon bowl. Very fluffy noodles can mix well with the sauce and be able to go down my throat gently. Ise-udon has a story, which it ’s been severed for tired travelers who have walked a long distance to visit Ise-shrine to worship.Because the fluffy noodles are easy on your stomach and can be served quickly. Above all, i t is delicious!! I am attracted by nice combination with the noodles and the sauce. I feel like something good is gonna happen♪ The thickest and softest noodles, hearty and mild taste.Let me say..I love Ise-udon! ◆Have you got Line stamp of ”Ise-Udon” yet? ”Dannai,dannai だんない、だんない〜”(a dialect in Mie Pref.means It’ OK~ or Don’t worry~) This stamp is the art work by the illustrator Chiaki Tagami 田上千晶 who has created Nyapan and Won-kun of Akadama Japan. It’s now on sale on the site of Line.If you want cute stamp, please check it and get it!! ◆Special Thank you to : The friends of Ise-udon club

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