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Sapporo Half-day trip, Milk and Moo~Yukijirushi Megmilk factory~

A friend of AKADAMA JAPAN visited Sapporo.On the list of where she wanted to go was”Megmilk Snow Brand(Yukijirushi) Museum”about the history of milk and dairy farming”. It’s a15minute walk from JR Naebo Station. You can also use a bus or a taxi from Sapporo Station(Using a taxi from Sapporo Station costs about 1,500yen).If you make a reservation by the day before,you can join the guided tour in themuseum and the factory for free.It’s located very conveniently and sounds interesting. So we went there as a field trip.While I was waiting to start the tour in the lobby,I found”Katsu-gen shrine” .“Katsu-gen” is a soft drink,probiotic beverage,which is sold only in Hokkaido.But why is there a soft drink’s shrine? ”Katsu(勝)means “win” and “Gen(源)means “source” in Japanese.That is because “Katsu-gen” is known as a good luck item for passing an exam or victory and ”Katsu-gen shrine” is said to bring you the result of a success or win.

In the 1hour tour, I learned about the history of Japanese dairy farming and development of milk products,and had a lecture from the guide whilst observing valuable exhibits around the museum,and also observed the production line in the factory making products. And I enjoyed watching some packages of nostalgic design and advanced technology at the same time.They got me excited! My friend,as the tourist, said “ My love of dairy products grows more and more!I must go to Snow Brand(Yukijirushi) Parlor!!” with shining eyes.In Snow Brand(Yukijirushi) Parlor, I ordered a vanilla ice cream,which is called“Snow Royal” without hesitating.This special ice cream was developed for the Showa Emperor. The taste of “Snow Royal” ,which is difficult to make as it brings out the best of the original taste of milk itself, is really sophisticated.I don’t like sweets so much,but this is the special one.After we were satisfied by the sweets…We said”Let’s go to next place!”, an observation deck in Sapporo JR Tower. Sapporo night view is recently as one of the top 3 night views in Japan. You can look over the glowing lights from the buildings and street lamps along the feature of Sapporo city, laid out in a grid pattern.I was fascinated by those shining lights,especially under the clear air. My friend was so happy with the Sapporo short trip.“It is awesome moo! The compact tour in Sapporo ”Observing the Yukijirushi/Snow Brand factory, Snow Royal ice cream and the night view from the JR tower”.It is one of the recommended courses.#japan #sapporo

★Megmilk Snow Brand(Yukijirushi) Museum ★Yukijirushi/Snow Brand parlor ★JR Tower observation deck

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