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A dreamy happy moment for free! “Shibuya, Harajuku,Roppongi,Mahinaka tour”

Have you seen a red 2-story London bus running around in Tokyo recently? Is there anybody who is curious about this? “What’s that?” “How do you get on the bus?”

That bus is offering downtown tours,which is called”Shibuya, Harajuku,Roppongi,Machinaka-tour“.Moving around these 3 areas,which are

cutting-edge towns in Tokyo.When this tour was held in September, it had great responses from tourists. And the tour has restarted with even more interest,from 8th 23th Oct. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity.The tour route follows from ”Tokyo Mid Town” in Roppongi, and goes to”Roppongi Hills”→Shibuya”Cerulean

Tower”→Shibuya”Center Gai Street”→Harajuku”Meiji Jingu(shrine)” →”Omote Sando Aoyama street, then returns to ”Tokyo Mid Town”. Each place has a bus stop for this tour, and you can get on off anywhere you want.It’s so flexible and it is free of charge! The bus runs three times a day. If you enjoy it for a whole drive from the first stop to the last; it takes about two hours. And you can hear an announcement throughout the course in Japanese,English and Chinese.AKADAMA JAPAN joined the tour at first on a late bus,which started at September.We looked down streets leisurely from the 2nd floor on a higher open top London style bus(It really came from London!). I waved my hand to people who stopped and looked up to us from street.When a traffic sign came really close to my head,everybody in the bus screamed with excitement. And we were moved by beautiful scenery,which was sparklingly illuminated in the darkening sky..I felt as if I were riding an attraction in a popular theme park.This feeling of satisfaction makes me want to ride again! The tour restarted in October,I

went to join it again, of course. The October tour provides some special events. You get off the bus and can join for free,too! So, AKADAMA JAPAN joined a tasting craft beer event. I got off the bus in”Shibuya Center Gai street” and was led to a restaurant, where they brought us 4 kinds of Japanese craft beer and some kinds of small dishes for free.While I was tasting them,I had a nice chat with the other participants,who were from China, or Western countries, about what their impressions of the beer or the tour. It is so fun to have direct communication with people who have a different background, nationality,age or gender, and realize we can talk freely.We took photos of each other and exchanged addresses and SNS. I had a wonderful time of encounter.If you want to enjoy a different perspective of Tokyo, check the detail from here.

I also recommend to check the Noh theatre,if you get off at the bus stops”Cerulean Tower” in Shibuya.

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