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Exactly what you want ! Fun fun on the Hato Bus tour in Tokyo!

We don’t have time or the money…But,We, Akadama Japan, want to get the feeling of summer vacation!! We decided to join a bus tour ,which is called”Hato Bus tour” , despite Tokyo feeling familiar, we’ve never tried this before. You can find a variety of bus tours on their brochure more than 100! such as, sightseeing around Tokyo, enjoying gourmet, fruit picking and so on.Akadama Japan chose”Shitamachi Kokoich” tour, because this is a casual type of tour. This tour provides you activities with strolling in Asakusa and cruising on the Sumida river.It takes about 3hours and a half. We gathered in front of Tokyo Sta. and left there at 14:30pm.The participants were about 40people on that day.Everybody had a seat on the second floor of the bus.While looking down Tokyo’ s streetscapes, from the seat and we got to the famous Kaminari-mon gate in front of Sensou-ji temple in Asakusa. You have 70minutes of free time there, and can being enjoy around Asakusa by yourself.We walked through Nakamise Street (shopping arcade,running from Kaminarimon gate to Senso-ji temple) .After praying to worship in Senso-ji temple, we headed for a building “まるごとにっぽんMarugoto Nippon”, which was opened in December 2015.It is a place where you can eat many kinds of delicious food and buy products from all over Japan.There are many shops,which offer the individual way to eat in each region’s speciality. We ate “soaking Kiritanpo to cold soup”.This is an arrangement dish of the traditional Akita pref.’s food Kiritanpo. We were having fun to eat,but time just flew! We made a mad dash to get to the water bus stop to be on time. We made it.Ok, Let’s go Sumida river cruising!

We enjoyed the view of Tokyo with fresh feelings while having a splash and good breeze on the deck. We went under Azuma bridge, Komagata bridge, Ryougoku bridge, and many more bridges and arrived at the last stop, Hinode bridge.We rediscovered “There are so many bridges in Tokyo”, “The wide open sky, even in Tokyo!”.Then,we returned to Tokyo.Sta. and left off here at 17:30pm. The half day trip gave us a different perspective of Asakusa and Tokyo’s view. Hato Bus was established in 1948, has run a historical and successful company.Because of that, providing efficient tours and the announcements by a bus tour conductor never tires you. We felt as if we traveled to an unknown town.We surely recommend you, travelers from overseas, and even if you live in Japan, and when you need a bit more spice or need to refresh, how about joining it? What tour will you join?

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