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Meeting with people in Social Hostel 365 makes a valuable moment!

AKADAMA JAPAN visited “Social Hostel 365” this time. It is located near the largest entertainment district”Susukino”in Sapporo.The owners of the hostel, Mr.Ohata & Mr Sasaki who have been best friends since they were in a junior high school, wanted to make a warm and comfortable hostel, and opened it in Dec.2014. You can use the bar lounge on 1st floor even if you are not a registered guest here. There are some menus, not only something to drink but also curry, shaved ice or other food.Since the bar lounge has an intimate and cozy atmosphere, the social interaction begins between guests in the hostel and local people naturally😄 I think the best part of traveling is to enjoy meeting with new people! And as we heard,a Japanese business person found and stayed here when he couldn't make a reservation at any hotels in Sapporo in a busy season by chance.Since then he’s become a regular customer, because of “ feeling very relaxed and enjoying the nice communication here.Trus is different from the common style of business hotels.Pictures on the wall in Social Hostel365 are painted by Ms.Peta Waite who is from England,Mr.Ohata’s fiancée.These cute paintings feature freely brushed strokes of the charms of Sapporo,which she feels by herself. These pictures make me feel the magnificence of nature and sky in Hokkaido and it gives me warm fuzzy feelings. And all rooms and facilities are practical,clean and reasonable! Members of AKADAMA JAPAN left there while we were talking about our impressions about hostel “Just as it is reassuring to have a companion when traveling” “There are things about traveling that you can't buy with money” Their second hostel “IGLOO” just opened in Aug in Susukino. We will go there and report it someday!!

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