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People from overseas, including Wan-kun, often tell me “I love Kaitenzushi! You should go and try it!.” I know that a Kaitenzushi restaurant serves sushi dishes on a revolving counter, and I can eat tasty sushi even though it’s like a fast-food sushi restaurant. Everyo...


Have you ever seen  “IT” in street stalls or convenience stores in Japan?

It is in the shape of a little round ball,and has poured sauce, mayonnaise and dried bonito shavings(katsuobushi) over it..Looking at it makes me really hungry! IT IS “Takoyaki”.

The hot round ball...


I used to believe “ Udon noodles must be firm and should be a typical chewing texture”.But Ise-udon is a different types of regular Udon..? Then,I tried to eat ”Ise-udon”.That blew me away at once. Great! Ise-udon is a Japanese noodle, which has been eaten for more tha...

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