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Kawagoe city in Saitama is well-known as a city of  “kurazukuri” the old

warehouses buildings. There is a prominent building in Ichiban-gai street which is lined with historical old warehouse style buildings. This is the Fine China Store YAMAWA.

YAMAWA was built in the y...


Shinjuku Golden gai in Tokyo has been becoming popular for tourists from overseas recently. It is the retro and rare spot where is made up of over 200 independent bars packed on the really narrow streets. I never forget when I stepped into this tiny street with feeling...


Kawagoe is a city of history and traditions! If you have a chance to go there, you shouldn’t miss to visit the seven Gods of good luck in each temple called “Shichifukujin meguri”. This short journey sounded like bring me  good luck! So, I tried to walk around to pray...


You can be a Samurai!!

<What is Kacchu?>

Japanese traditional protective equipment, worn by Samurais mainly during battles using swords.Samurai armor and the helmet is called ”Kacchu” in Japanese.

I never imagined that such a day would come! Nyapan went to Kawagoe city in...


I daily wear a pair of jeans, But I LOVE the Kimono! When you take a Kimono in your hand practically, you’ll understand that a Kimono is made from many pieces of rectangular textiles.Firstly,to make a Kimono,a roll of fabric is cut from, then each piece of fabric is se...


I finally got there! Nyapan visited the city of Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture for the first time one day.Kawagoe is easily accessible where it’s located about one hour by train from the center of Tokyo.So, this is a perfect tourist attraction that you can enjoy in a on...


〜AKADAMA Event Report~”Let’s sing Russian folk songs together!” 

Saturday, April 1st, 2017. 2pm~at Sapporo L・PLAZA (music studio 1)

There was still slight snow in Sapporo, but it was a bright sunny day on the day. It seemed like apple flowers were starting to bloom, whic...


The exhibition “This is Kyosai!” is now being held in The Bunkamura Museum of Art in Shibuya. I said “What on earth is this!?”.

Kawanabe Kyosai(1831~1889) A genius painter who lived from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period.This exhibition shows an overview of...


“Nagauta” is a traditional Japanese classic music performed with Shamisen(three-stringed lute),which was originally played for Kabuki performance.

I’m ashamed to say, I just assumed that ”the Nagauta or the Shamisen sound like old-fashioned and too formal..”. However, t...


There is a stone gate, which is close to The Arisugawa no Miya Memorial Park.Have you ever seen

the sophisticated sign board of “Arisugawa Shimizu” on the stone gate? And there is a mysterious ramp beyond the gate…..I’m feeling nervous just looking at the gate, because...

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